About Aotearoa Editorial

About the Editor:

Vennessa Ng, Aotearoa’s Senior Editor, is a passionate supporter of Christian worldview fiction, and is committed to helping its writers excel through solid story logic and clean, concise prose.

Though she serves, and has served, as a freelance editor for a number of CBA authors, including winners of the coveted Christy Award and the Gold Medallion, her first love is working with new and intermediate writers.

In addition to managing Aotearoa Editorial Services, Vennessa has also worked as Assistant Editor and Reviewer for Focus on Fiction Magazine, as a first reader for a leading Christian publishing house, and as a proof-reader for The Christian PEN’s newsletter, PEN Points.

She is a member of The Christian PEN, a Christian editors’ network, and various Christian writers networks.

Vennessa lives with her husband and three children on the South Island of New Zealand. In her spare time, she works on her own contemporary fiction.

About Aotearoa Editorial:
Aotearoa Editorial has been serving Christian writers and authors since 2004. Our name, Aotearoa, comes from New Zealand’s Maori name, which means “Land of the Long White Cloud.” It is pronounced Ow-tear-raw-a.