Aotearoa Editorial is pleased to offer our clients the following services**. Click each link below for further details.

·        Critique
·        Basic Proofreading
·        Content Editing
·        Copyediting
·        Galley Proofing
·        Coaching

For information about our submission guidelines, payment details, and editorial standards, plus an opportunity to take advantage of our trial offer, click the links below:

·        Editorial Standards
·        Submission Guidelines
·        Payment Criteria
·        Trial Offer

**Before pursuing our services, please note: Having your work edited by Aotearoa Editorial does not guarantee representation by an agent or publication by a publisher. Aotearoa can only assist you in putting your manuscript in the best shape possible.

Services & Packages:

My overall assessment of your manuscript will address plot and character development strengths and weaknesses. I will point out areas where improvement is needed and offer general suggestions. No changes are made to your manuscript.

I will assess your manuscript for:
·        End-of-line breaks
·        Grammatical errors
·        Letter, sentence, and paragraph spacing
·        Misspelled words
·        Punctuation
·        Typographical errors
I will assess your manuscript for:
·        Characterizations
·        Conflict/Tension
·        Description
·        Inconsistencies
·        Pacing
·        Passive writing
·        Plot
·        Point of view
·        Scene point of view choice
·        Showing/Telling

Your manuscript will be assessed for:
·        Dialogue
·        Redundancies
·        Sentence clarity/structure
·        Word choice/repetition
Copyedit includes a Basic Proofread

**Aotearoa recommends manuscripts undergo a Content Edit before a Copyedit is performed.

Whether you are publishing through a traditional publisher or self-publishing, I can provide those much needed fresh eyes to check your galley before it goes to print.

Do you have a craft element you struggle with? I can provide you with one-on-one coaching geared to your level of writing.

Editorial Standards:
Aotearoa Editorial uses the following U.S. industry standards for manuscript edits and reviews:
· The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition

· Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary